Welcome to my fetish foods blog


THIS blog is for cucks, slaves, betas, losers and adult babies of 18 years old and over.

I am a bbw ebony domme in my 40’s who has been dominating for over 20 years.

i love to humiliate my slaves and what better way to do so then to get them to eat my taboo treats, even more humiliating is that they also pay for them haha

will you join my stable of losers?

this blog will mainly feature edibles that contain special ingredients like poop or spit, so if you are not into that do not venture on to any of the other pages lol.

prices include postage within the uk only

if you live outside of the uk and would like to order please contact me and we can discuss.

also if there is anything not listed that you may like contact me and let me know and i may be able to do it for you.