Welcome to my pindick Humiliation blog

Hi my name is Goddess Ebony and i am a ebony bbw Goddess in her 40’s, I love humiliation, especially small penis humiliation.

This blog is for anyone who has a pathetic dick smaller than 5 inches and for those that like to take the piss out of such dicks.

If you have a dick smaller than 5 inches then you have a pindick

not a real mans cock, and that makes you a loser.

This is a new blog started on 8th august 2021 and will eventually feature photos of men with little maggot dicks in all different poses and themes, also stories.

It is free for dommes and masters to join and browse these pictures and add their humiliating comments, I thoroughly encourage this because we all know that there’s nothing that men with pindicks enjoy more, than being laughed at and humiliated for their under developed man hood.

If you are a domme or master or just someone who likes to give out humiliation then contact me via the contact form below for the password.

If you are a man with a pindick to join you must pay a one time small penis tax tribute of £15 , this enables you to have your pindick photos posted on my blog along with a embarrassing story that features any time you were humiliated about it.

If you join then you consent that you are over the age of 18 years old and consent to any humiliation you may receive on this blog.

All personal details are confidential and you do not have to show your face if you do not want too.

contact me on the contact form below to arrange payment and to send me your pics and story.